Spring 2010 Promotions for Flea, Tick and Heartworm Prevention

At Eldora Veterinary Care, we believe that prevention is crucial to the well-being of our pets. Prevention is easier, less expensive and much easier on your pets than waiting for problems to develop and then treating the problem. This spring, we hope to see our patients being protected from, rather than treated for, infections from fleas, ticks and heartworms. We know that these products can be expensive, and so we want to help. In addition to always keeping our prices competitive with local and online retailers, we are offering the following:

Let's look at an example. Say you buy a 6-month supply of a flea and tick product and a 12-month supply of Heartgard for Fido. First, you have two chances to win a brand new Kindle Fire. Then you get an extra two doses of the flea and tick preventative, which will keep your furry friend safe from those pests through OCTOBER! And then you get a check for $15, delivered to your doorstep. Don't worry, we understand that rebates are hard to remember to send in; that's why we'll do it for you. You don't even have to waste a stamp or an envelope. New toys, great discounts, money, and most important: a healthy, happy pet protected from the pests of Iowa.

Please call or step into the clinic for more information about any of these deals, the products that we carry, or the diseases they prevent!